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Monitor the quality

of your leads

If your leads don’t convert, you will not grow rapidly. Not even if you get hundreds of leads every month. That is the harsh reality. The quality of your leads is super important. But what is ‘lead quality’ and how do you monitor it? Read our tips in this article. 

Assess the data 

You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by being critical of the data the prospect entered. Did he enter 0612345678 as a phone number? Chances are that his inquiry is not as serious. Does it look like there is an invalid email address, or did they enter ‘John Doe’ as his name? Probably, your prospect is not yet ready for the next steps in the sales process. In that case, consider whether your time is better spent on more reliable leads. 

Lead qualification questions 

To ensure the quality of an inquiry up front, consider asking some ‘lead qualification’ questions. B2B sales often use the ‘BANT methodology’ (budget, authority, need, and time). With a couple of adjustments, the model is also suitable for solar sales. Strive to get answers to the following questions: 

  • Budget (how much budget is available?); 
  • Authority (is the prospect authorized to make decisions. For instance: is he/she owner of the building?);
  • Need (what are the prospect’s needs, and does he know exactly what he wants, or is he still orienting?); 
  • Time (within which term does your prospect want to buy solar panels?). 

We add another criterion to this model: location. You read more about that further on. By asking one or more of the questions above, you can estimate the chance of converting your prospect into a paying customer. 

Insight in lead sources 

Make sure you have an understanding of the source of your lead. Is the prospect delivered by a lead generator, and if so, which one? Or is the request made via your website? Those insights are all important to determine if a specific channel, like lead generators, is worth investing in. 

Do a remote location scan  

Does the lead look promising? Use the design module to check if the location is suitable for solar panels. Check if the roof and orientation are appropriate and if trees and objects impact productivity. When everything looks promising, nothing stands in the way to propose an irresistible offer.