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Home batteries are on the rise in Europe, thanks to full power grids,
fluctuating energy prices and government subsidies. As for your solar sales,
our platform enables our users to manage their battery processes
efficiently and effectively.

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Sell Smart and Efficiently

Seize the opportunity in the storage market

How does it work? Simple, our platform automatically calculates the payback time for your customers from the productivity of the solar installation, the daily storage capacity and the consumption habits of your customer.

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Get more deals out of your battery proposals 

To effectively sell storage solutions, your proposals need to be easy for homeowners to understand. With 2Solar you can swiftly include all essential data, and ensure your customers have the key details to make informed purchase decisions. 

Key considerations for selling batteries 

For customers, key considerations involve revenue through payback time, available financing options, and the long-term durability and warranty of the system. 2Solar streamlines this process by automatically including these factors in your quotes.  

With 2Solar’s Battery solution, you can

  • Automatically calculate payback time while taking the consumption habits of your customers into account 

  • Include product specifications with our extensive database

  • Add clear graphics in your proposals

Using this information, you can persuade your customer that buying a battery is a great investment in their green energy future.  

Estimate the payback time in just a few clicks 

2Solar accurately calculates the payback time for batteries, taking into account both direct and indirect consumption. Our comprehensive report considers the entire investment and provides an easy-to-read pie chart showing the annual distribution of direct consumption, battery usage, and net payback.

All you have to do is: 

  1. Create the installation plan
  2. Add the battery to your quote
  3. Select your customer’s consumption type
  4. Fill in the annual consumption

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