Optimise your sales with software that does it all for you

Easy-touse solution that doesn’t require you to be an installation expert.

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Focus on what you do best 

Forget about becoming an installation expert. Our software is here to help you focus on just what you do best: selling. And upselling. From lead to after-sales, our solution simplifies and streamlines all phases of your process 

● Your sales process covered from lead to billing
Designs and quotes within minutes  
● Schedule appointments for your sales teams
● Generate upselling opportunities with other sustainable products and after-sale services

What our platform has to offer

A customized approach around your processes  

Our software has been developed around the needs of growing installation companies, where digitalisation, agility, and automation are key to improving those processes that enable structural growth. We believe in the uniqueness of each company’s challenges. That is why we don’t offer you a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a partnership in which we are your consultant and tailor our solution to your needs. From lead generation to design and sales, and from execution to service and monitoring.