Dashboard: get more out of your sales  

Real-time data for effective management  

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The right information for strategic decisions  

2Solar’s dynamic Dashboard gives you instant insight into real-time data relating to your leads, quotations, conversions, and more. This allows you to manage your team effectively, forecast more accurately, and determine what is needed to achieve your goals.  

Comprehensive Statistics  

Clear insight into the state of affairs is essential for managers, employees, and the future of your business. 2Solar’s Dashboard provides the insights needed to make targeted decisions. Maintain your grip on the state of affairs by viewing, analysing and managing sales statistics.

Get a grip on the state of affairs  

Set targets based on historical data   

Determine what you need to reach your targets 

Forecast peak periods for your teams  

Managing your sales team    

Manage your sales team with insight into the sales figures of your account managers. Identify bottlenecks and successful actions from lead to signed quotation.  

From enquiry to sale  

From initial enquiry to final conversion, we offer instant insight into the profitability of the various sources of your leads. With a quick glance at the Dashboard, you can see the performance of both the least and most qualitative sources.  

Do you sell or install various product types such as solar panels, EV charging stations, batteries or heat pumps? You will also see detailed sales figures for each product category.  This allows you to efficiently make strategic decisions when it comes to products.  

Compare data easily  

Compare data such as conversions per quarter, and clearly identify areas for improvement. A practical tool to make internal processes discussable and, above all, more efficient.   

Forecasting and targets  

With all available data, you can forecast and set targets for the coming year. Based on the number of conversions, you know how many leads and quotations are needed to achieve the sales figures. You can also estimate when busy periods are coming up, allowing you to better plan your teams and your employees’ leave.  

With 2Solar’s dynamic Dashboard, you will be ready for today’s challenges and harness the power of real-time insight to implement successful strategies.