2Solar by Sollit

Why choose 2Solar by Sollit?  

Find out why our software is the driving force behind successful business in the renewable energy market. 2Solar by Solit is not just a tool, we are a partner in growing your business. Practical, intuitive, and clear.  

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2Solar by Sollit

All-in-one efficiency, from service to monitoring  

At 2Solar, we understand the challenges of your business. That is why we offer an all-in-one system that is intuitive, clear and efficient. Manage your entire workflow with a few clicks and keep track of everything at a glance. From lead to sales and design and from service to monitoring, all your processes in one software platform.  

2Solar: Van lead tot design en sales en van execution tot service

Short lines & fast service

Implementation & Support

One week free trial

1. Solid partner for your growth  

We are not a new player on the market. Indeed, we have been supporting and accelerating the processes of 800+ European companies since 2013. Our growth and solidity is recognized year after year by Deloitte Fast 50, a result that would not be possible without the growth of our customers. A growth we once again support with our software.  

We are ISO certified, to continue offering our customers a safe, reliable, and sustainable energy platform.  

2. Designed in cooperation
with installers

Developed through long-term collaboration with our customers and for the dynamic renewable energy market, our software moves with all market developments and the company sizes of our customers. Grow and work smarter with a solution that truly complements what your business needs 

3. Designed for the sustainable energy market 

Originally aimed at solar companies, our platform has since developed into one that supports multiple product types and processes. So that you can easily add other sustainable products to your projects, such as heat pumps, batteries, or charging stations while maintaining an efficient way of working. 

4. Flexible and customizable 

We understand that every business is unique and our software reflects that. 2Solar by Sollit is flexible and can be set up for both large- and small-sized organizations. As a result, our software is always customized.  


To keep ahead of market changes and the growth of your organization, 2Solar’s modules are constantly evolving. Each module supports a specific part of an organization’s process to optimally guide your leads from request to management. Adapt the platform to your processes, remove unnecessary modules, and add what you need. Flexibility is at the heart of 2Solar by Sollit. 

Dedicated support   

Dedicated support   

Start your journey with 2Solar and try our software for one week for free. Our experienced consultants and subject matter experts backed by the dedicated support team understand what your business needs and are ready to guide you every step of the way.  


Choose a future where your business grows more efficiently, smarter and faster. Choose 2Solar.

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