Service as a business model: 2Solar’s solution 

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Seize the opportunity to transform service into a profitable revenue model  

Offering services is a way to generate revenue and build a loyal customer base and manage workloads effectively. Want to make the most of your services while keeping them manageable? With 2Solar’s comprehensive service solution, you are ready to face all challenges and take your installation business to new heights.

Build recurring revenue

Increase customer satisfaction

Demonstrate professionalism and reliability

Find out how 2Solar can help you  

1. Build recurring revenue: With our streamlined process for setting up and managing service contracts, you lay the foundation for long-term customer relationships. 

2. Reduce costs: By reducing the number of services and setting up efficient workflows, you optimise your operating costs without compromising on quality. 

3. Increase customer satisfaction: Efficient management of inbound service requests ensures fast response times and satisfied customers who know they can count on you.

Optimise customer loyalty with service contracts   

By offering service contracts, you lay a solid foundation for long-term customer relationships, which is essential for future business. With 2Solar’s CRM system, you manage your service leads effortlessly. You get a clear overview of each request, including all relevant information about the installation, and thanks to automated workflows, manual tasks are minimised. In short, our solutions ensure efficiency and a streamlined process for managing service contracts.  

Quick and customised  

At 2Solar, creating and managing service contracts becomes an effortless task. Use personalised templates, customise them to the customer’s requirements, and then easily get them signed online in our secure Sign2Cloud environment. 

Service Lead Management  

Service Lead Management is all about good aftercare. With 2Solar, you give your company and team focus for follow-up and insights into the state of affairs. From enquiry to completion, you maintain full control of the process and offer a seamless experience for both customers and installers.    

Discover 2Solar’s streamlined service process: from adding service leads to delivering high-quality services. How you offer and handle services through 2Solar is entirely up to you.  

Increase the quality of both your installations and service performance  

To make or keep your services profitable, it is essential to reduce the number of services and continuously improve your processes. With 2Solar, you can gather information in one overview and set up an efficient process to identify and address challenges. This allows you to learn from recurring bottlenecks or problems in installations and work proactively to prevent these patterns in the future. 


Discover the power of 2Solar for your service revenue model

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