Becoming Sollit

Becoming Sollit

Your solid partner for growth

2Solar by Sollit

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our company name.   

2Solar software, a name synonymous with the leading all-in-one software platform for solar energy in Europe, is starting a new chapter. We are changing our name to ‘2Solar by Sollit‘ and will eventually embrace ‘Sollit‘ as our new identity.     

For over a decade, 2Solar has supported more than 850 companies involved in selling, installing, and servicing solar energy systems. Our goal is to continue helping our customers generate structural revenue and profit growth.   

Over the past year and a half, we have further expanded the functionality of our platform. It now offers the ability to sell, install, and service multiple renewable energy products such as heat pumps, charging stations, and batteries.   

This is also the reason we are changing our name… 

With 2Solar by Sollit, and soon with Sollit, we promise to remain your solid partner for growth for sales, installation, monitoring, and service of all products your company offers to make both the residential and small business market more sustainable.  

Work smarter and more efficiently with 2Solar by Sollit and accelerate the energy transition with us.

Keep following us for more information on the rebranding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you fully change your name to Sollit?2024-03-01T14:46:47+00:00

We expect the change to happen sometime in September. We will inform you on the day of the name change. 

What does this change mean for me?2024-03-01T14:47:36+00:00

In September our legal entity name will change to Sollit. This will be updated in all our documents and bank statements. Of course, all our channels (website, social media, 2Solar app) will also change the logo and colors to reflect our new brand identity. 

Will there be changes to the software?2024-03-01T14:49:29+00:00

You will not notice any change in the functioning of the software. You will see a change in logo and color to reflect our new brand from the day of the rebranding, and the software will continue to work as prior to the change. Our platform will be further gradually enriched with new functionality and improved user experience. 

What is Sollit?2024-03-12T13:23:18+00:00

Sollit is 2Solar. We offer you the same service and an evolved product under a new name. Check out Sollit manifesto on 

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