Software for solar panel installations

Manage everything in one central place, including your solar panel installation processes! 

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Simplify your solar panel sales- and installation processes with 2Solar software! 

2Solar has developed a unique and comprehensive platform, especially for solar panel installers. With our 10 years of expertise and knowledge of the market, we grow together with our customers. Our all-in-one software platform enables you to make solar panel design plans and send out quotes within minutes.  

Find out more about how it works below or request a demo with one of our specialists. 

Software for solar installers 

If you choose 2Solar, you choose efficiency. Our software does the work for you by enabling you to design a solar panel layout plan in no time. Simply select the solar panels you want to work with and use our solar panel design tool to map out where you want the solar panels to be installed. The system easily calculates the slope angle, surrounding shadow impact, and payback times for you.  

Design a solar panel lay-out plan
Design map layers

Determine optimal placement for the solar panel using available data in our software 

The high-quality aerial photos in 2Solar ensure that you’ll always have a good view of your customer’s roof even before you are on site. Therefore, you can design both small solar panel projects and large solar panel This will reduce measurement errors and your customer has a clear idea of what is going to happen.  

Select the right solar panel type and mounting materials right away 

The right solar panel and complete bill of materials will be generated automatically through our link to manufactures’ data sheets. This will ease the orientation process for your customers, and it also enables quick quotations by adding this information directly. With the quotation module, a complete overview of costs for purchase, installation, and maintenance can be created. 

No additional start-up cost

Implementation & Support

      Two-week free trial

Simplify all your sustainable energy installation projects 

From the beginning, our platform has been designed around the installation of solar panels. However, our system allows users to manage the entire sales process in one central location. Thus, not only solar panel installations can be managed in 2Solar, but also the installations of other renewable energy products such as: heat pumps, EV charging stations and batteries. 

Higher profits, less costs 

From lead to quotation, from signing up solar panels to planning, from placement to invoicing. 2Solar software simplifies and streamlines every phase in your process. Fewer actions, higher productivity and seamless connection between all actions and parties in the chain. 

Working faster, smarter, and more efficiently means lower costs and higher sales. It’s that simple. 

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