2Solar achieves ISO27001 certification  

At 2Solar the safety and reliability of our IT-security is of utmost importance. We are proud to announce that we have achieved the ISO27001 certification on April 11, 2023. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to information security.  

As 2Solar has experienced rapid growth in recent years, maintaining quality has remained a top priority. Achieving the ISO27001 certification not only confirms our commitment to these values, but also assures that our customers can rely on our systems and processes. 

Our customers can trust that we: 

  1. Continuously implement digital and physical measures to protect our customers’ data 
  2. Constantly work on preventing data breaches 
  3. Handle all data in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 

ISO standardization 

ISO is an internationally recognized standard for information security that requires an organization to have an end-to-end quality management system. It provides our customers with the assurance that 2Solar’s software meets the highest standards for information security and that the company complies with legal and regulatory requirements.  

Achieving the ISO27001 certification is not an easy accomplishment. It requires a thorough assessment of our risks, security planning, implementation of security measures and continuous evaluation and improvement of our information security management. By creating a reliable platform for our customers, we strive to uphold the highest quality standards. 

Obtaining certification is not the final objective

At 2Solar, we continue to strive for the highest standards in information security and to provide our customers with a safe, reliable, and sustainable energy platform. We believe that the ISO27001 certification is a confirmation of our security efforts. In collaboration with Marcel Velzeboer, our Security Officer, we will continue to work on improving our processes to deliver the best possible service to our customers.