2Solar Reporting module

The right information
at the right time

Leads, statuses, statistics and management information. Choose for an optimal overview and insights at any time. This module is great advance and helps you move forward.

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Statistics and reports

Because the state of affairs is always important

Monthly, weekly or real-time. Insight into the state of affairs is always important. For managers, employees and for the future of your company. 2Solar offers statistics and reports with which you can steer and adjust. At any time.


Extensive statistics

You want to know how your business is doing. In fact, you have to know how you are doing. With the extensive statistics from the Reporting module you have grip on your business. Information from specific sources and about specific periods. Select, analyze, manage and adjust.

Fast service & short lines

Implementation & Support

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Waterproof roll system

Insight per role

Who sees what. With the careful role system and rights management you capture this accurately and with just a few clicks. Easily distinguish between the rights of management, managers and employees. This way everyone sees exactly what they need. No more and no less.

Clear workflow

Insight internal processes

Clearly visualize your workflow and work processes and gain insight into bottlenecks and insight for areas of improvement. A practical tool to make internal processes negotiable and even more efficient.
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CRM & Workflow

Customers, projects, relations, sales: all data in one place. Overview, insight and control for everyone in your company.

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Make your quotes smarter and faster with data from your installation plan, automatic calculations and clear templates.

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